What Is Sakuga Anime?

Sakuga is what makes anime awesome. I came across this when Chira tweeted it a couple days ago. If you’re an anime fan, you’ve seen sakuga in action and it’s probably the reason why you like anime at all. The panel above is most likely the best resource on the subject and I highly recommend you watch it. For the full playlist, click here. For the actual article with transcript and individual examples, check out wildgrounds.com.

Panel Name: That Scene was Awesome: Japan’s Iron Animators
Convention: Anime Central 2011
Total Running Time:  50:44

Side note: For those of you not familiar with animation jargon, animating on 2s and 3s means holding a frame for two frames. Disney films are animated at 24fps (frames per second), which means there are 24 different drawings each second. Animating on 2s means holding each frame for 2 frames instead of 1, which means 24fps becomes 12fps. The amount can change between scenes or even within the same shot. An animator can be drawing in 1s (24fps) and for a specific action, switch to 2s, then back to 1s. 

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